Book 1 of The Alterran Legacy Series, Colony Earth

Book 2 of The Alterran Legacy Series, Khamlok

​Book 3 of The Alterran Legacy Series, Resurrection

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 "What was it like to be the singular one who recognized in the swirling chaos the loose strands of the future? Strands he alone could reach in, pluck, and weave together to form the unrippable fabric of the future path. A glorious and magnificent path. Afterward, this path might seem self-evident, as truisms were known to be. Was it actually apparent before it happened, that the old was to be thrown out for the new? Or was it apparent only to the victors, who, after the fact, changed history to justify their cause? That was the lesson of his time in the library. Like Zeya, didn't he stand at a precipice before divided roads? Decisive action was imperative. To preserve the memory of all that was right and good about his people, he had to act right before it was too late."   Chapter on En.Lil

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In ancient human history, an explosion of knowledge of agriculture, building, and steel weapons occurred suddenly, without explanation, and the human population prospered and grew into civilization. According to clay tablets found at ancient cities of Sumeria, the cities were founded by "those who came from the skies", who dwelt there and gave knowledge to the citizens. The tablet reveals that "those who came from the skies" have lived on Earth longer than the age of Sumeria. The principle leaders of "those that came from the skies' were half brothers Enil and Enki, who reported to their father, Anu, who ruled on their home world. The beginning books of this series serve as a prequel to the decision of this race to take an active interest in managing the development of human kind, and imagines why an advanced, technological society could have been governed by a small ruling family, while weaving in ancient mythology and recent geological discoveries.

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